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A Human Approach To Your Pet's Dental Care

Best-in-class cleanings for your pet. Refreshing prices for you.
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Welcome to a Smarter Smile

Pearly BitesTM makes teeth cleaning a treat.
Smart Vets

Our animal-loving doctors devote their days to providing quality dental care. And not to brag, but they’re pretty exceptional at what they do.

Smart Treatments

Our dental procedures are safe and comprehensive — providing a more comfortable experience for you and your furry friend.

Smart Prices

Our flat fees are transparent and all-inclusive. You'll know ahead of time exactly how much your pet's dental cleaning will cost.

How It Works

Come. Sit. Smile.

We get it. Taking your pet to the vet is not always the sunniest stroll in the park. That's why we put a lot of thought into how we approach our dental care. Our compassionate doctors are highly skilled and passionate about the work they do in our state-of-the-art veterinary practice. Basically, we are devoted to doing one thing, and doing it really well -- protecting your pet's teeth and gums (and we're able to give extra special attention like cuddling with patients on the carpet when they are waking up!) Our premium services and flat prices include:

  • Full mouth digital X-rays
  • Supra and subgingival scaling
  • Tooth polishing, scaling, and cleaning
  • Tooth extractions (only if necessary)
  • Preventative care plan
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All Treats. No Tricks.

Has your primary care vet told you that your pet needs a dental cleaning?

Navigating dental care can be a difficult experience with complicated estimates that can make it hard to plan. We care deeply about every pet's oral health, so we wanted to the process simpler for owners. We kept thinking — there’s got to be a better way.

So we created it. We launched Pearly Bites to empower you to make the best, most informed choice for your pet and your wallet. Our pricing structure is designed to make dental care — from the preventative to the overdue — a much easier call.

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Safety First & Always.

Our practice makes dentals purr-fect. By focusing solely on dental care, our team is truly adept and efficient at providing the best experience for your pet. We insist on best practice safety and monitoring measures that should be — but too often are not — part of every dental procedure. That’s why complete digital dental X-rays and full anesthetic monitoring are included in the price of every procedure we perform.

Our state-of-the-art dental and monitoring equipment, from our Digicare LifeWindow One multi-parameter patient monitoring unit to our Midmark Dental Unit with a Piezo scaler and multiple speed handpieces, maximize safety and efficiency. This all adds up to shorter anesthesia times, which keep your paw-some pal safe and comfortable. We create a tailored plan for every pet with no cut corners and no merely cosmetic treatments ever. Nothing less than the best for your pet — that’s the Pearly Bites promise.

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Dental 101

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), at least 70-80% of dogs and cats show signs of periodontal disease by age three. Periodontal disease gets worse with age if not addressed.

From bad breath to difficulty chewing, there are many signs of oral health issues in our pets — signs we often take for granted as “normal dog (or kitty) breath” in our pets. While daily tooth brushing is the gold standard of preventative care, we know how hard that is to do regularly.

Know The Signs

If your pet shows any of these symptoms, we recommend that you book an appointment to come in for a visit with a Pearly Bites veterinarian.
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Brown or yellow teeth
  • Swelling in or around the mouth
  • Post-procedure check-in and follow-up
  • Tooth extractions (only if necessary)
  • Preventative care plan
  • Comprehensive blood work

We Don't Play With Prices.

Every Pearly Bites Dental Package includes:
  • Full mouth digital X-rays
  • Supra and subgingival scaling
  • Tooth polishing, scaling  and cleaning
  • Post-procedure check-in and follow-up
  • Tooth extractions (only if necessary)
  • Preventative care plan
Mild Disease
Mild gingivitis and plaque, but teeth and gums appear healthy. Some extractions or additional work may be needed.
Moderate Disease
We see evidence of periodontal disease, or a fractured or discolored tooth likely requiring extractions or oral surgery. We expect to complete all work in one procedure.
Severe Disease
We see advanced periodontal disease affecting multiple areas. Extensive extractions and oral surgery are needed, and may require two separate procedures to complete the recommended treatments.
Full Mouth Extraction
Advanced periodontal disease affecting all teeth and gum tissue. To properly treat the underlying problem, all teeth will require extraction. Because this is not common, our veterinarian will review in detail during the initial consult.
Initial Exam
An initial exam with a Pearly Bites vet is essential to assessing your pet’s oral condition and recommending the right course of action.  Along with the physical exam, blood work helps determine if general anesthesia is safe for your pet.  Pearly Bites offers a flat rate for pre-anesthetic lab work of $295.  You may choose to have labs completed at your regular veterinary office.  If so, Pearly Bites will partner with them to obtain the results before your procedure.

Some pets have pre-existing medical conditions, or we may discover a new finding during our initial exam. Our focus at Pearly Bites is on your pet's teeth, so if they are found to have health issues outside our scope of care, we may discuss referral for additional work-up or even for the dental work. We will never compromise their health and safety, even if that means referring them elsewhere.

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